April 2015

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3D & CAD/CAM technologies

Dear Colleagues, Dear Delegates,

The last edition of IMAGINA Dental demonstrated that the fast development of 3D & CAD/CAM technologies led to essential changes for all dental practices and laboratories. The real challenge is now to keep up to date with this growing industry, and to be able to implement this digital workflow in our practices without the proper expertise.

During 3 days, IMAGINA Dental will feature educational content about digital dentistry suited for every dental professional. Whether you are experienced, expert, or just starting the process of investigating how these technologies might be developed into your daily practice, IMAGINA Dental is the perfect event to learn from international renowned speakers, experts and trainers in the field of implantology, Cad/Cam, prosthetic and lasers. The latest digital oral scans to 3D printing for dental prostheses, via 3D diagnosis, treatment planning and guided surgery for aesthetic dentistry will pass the review.

Thanks to our workshops, IMAGINA Dental 2014 will be an educational gathering of dentists seeking information, clinical knowledge and tips on the latest technologies in dentistry.
At IMAGINA Dental, we share a passion for improving the patient experience, elevating their clinical results to the highest level, and building the best possible practice we can thanks to new 3D & Cad/Cam technologies.

IMAGINA Dental is organized under the Honorary Presidency of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

IMAGINA Dental is an international congress presenting content for educational purposes (conferences, workshops, demonstrations, clinical cases) for dental professionals seeking knowledge about the latest technological innovations in the field of implantology, prosthetics, lasers and cosmetic dentistry (see the preliminary program on the attached brochure).

IMAGINA Dental is one of the few industry events to apply a policy of fairness towards all brands without favoring one over another.


THURSDAY 14:30-17:30

"A quick and safe method of dental preparation specially adapted for CAD/CAM" by Dr Jacques Raynal, France
"Introduction to using hyaluronic acid technique in day-to-day work in dental practices" by Dr Michel Zbili, France

FRIDAY 14:30-17:30
"CBCT in implatology and guided surgery" by Dr Bart Vandenberghe and Dr Livia Corpas, Belgium
"Digital photography in dentistry"

SATURDAY 14:30-17:30

"The digital workflow: a hands-on workshop for data acquisition and integration of implant planning" by Dr Scott D.Ganz, USA